Macro Photography

Macro photography fascinates me, seeing the world in close up through my lens.
It’s magical and sometimes unbelievable to look at insects and bugs, flowers and colored leaves. Macro Photography changes uninspiring things that we see at normal viewing distance into strange wacky interesting mysterious worlds.
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Mayfly / Cockchaffer portfolio This strange insect can be seen in May and June
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Horsefly portfolio I took this photo of this horsefly last week.
after he bit me when I was lying on the hammock,
I suppose you have to suffer for your art,

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insects, spiders, Bugs portfolio All insects Irish and common to Limerick (if you look hard for them).
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Insects in Flight portfolio my attempts to capture insects as they fly.
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Jumping Spider portfolio Jumping Spider,
I found this jumping spider on a window of the loco shed Limerick, a busy noisy railway depot,
I was curious when I saw this tiny spider and when I examined it close up I couldn’t believe my luck,
I have been searching for one of these spiders for two years, but instead it found me.
Tricky little fellow to photograph every time I tried to photograph it would try and jump away,
Success ratio of about 20 to 1, at 3x and 4x f10 to f16 hand held with ettl flash, Dof insanely narrow.
A very difficult shoot, but well worth the effort.
Q: Let me know what you think?
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Dragon Fly portfolio Irish Dragonfly