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“Discover Limerick”
by Dominick and Tomás Moloney

The Discover Limerick Book is available now in all Limerick bookshops.
€15.99. Plus P+P
ISBN-10: 0992735904
ISBN-13: 978-0992735906

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“Discover Limerick Book”
The Ultimate Informative Guide to Limerick.
This is a book that my brother, Tom and I have been working on for the last two years.
We're from Limerick and have always had an interest in the history, culture and nature of our City.
We were disappointed that no Limerick guide book is available in the book shops,
so over the past two years we compiled a tour guide walking book of Limerick City.
The Discover Limerick City Walking Guide will include nine walking trails,
over 224 pages, with over 500 colour photos, illustrations and maps.
This will be a unique professionally produced book that will bring benefits to Limerick.

Our aim
• To attract more visitors to the region
• Promotion of the City both locally and overseas.
• To showcase our fabulous vibrant living City in the best light possible.
• To highlight our history our culture, the natural habitat and wildlife that abounds.
• To honour and cherish those many people, organisations and their achievements from the past that have made the City what it is today.

The walks will include.
1. Four Bridges Riverside Walk.(City Looped)
2. Old Irish Town Walk (Looped)
3. Old Englishtown Medieval Walk (Looped)
4. Kings Island Riverbank Walk (Looped)
5. Georgian Architectural Walk (Looped)
6. Garryowen Walk (Looped)
7. Cleeve’s Riverbank Walk (Looped)
8. Corbally Riverbank Walk (Looped)
9. Plassey Riverbank Walk

Tomás O’Maoldomhnaigh, is a professional portrait and landscape artist. His works can be found all over Ireland and is represented on the walls of many of Irelands top corporate companies.
Limerick Photographs Catalogue #1
Limerick Photographs Catalogue #1
Some new photographs only available on this catalogue and not on this website.
Download this catalogue to view and order fantastic and unique images of Limerick.
Frame sizes and price are at the back of the catalogue.

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